Emergency Info. and Help

Emergency phone numbers

100Immediate Extreme  Emergency call line.Police Department

101 – Ambulances – Magen David Adom; there are also private ambulance services, ambulancee.g. Levy – 072-3259830, 050-5402511; Ra’anan – 08-6755473; Eytanim – 072-3227068.

102Fire Department.      fire-department

103Electric Company.

104Homefront Command hotline.

105National Hotline for the Protection of Children from Online (Internet) Cyber-Attacks (by online bullies and molesting predators).

106Be’er-Sheva Municipal Citizen’s Complaints Desk, also for  reporting emergencies, such as: accidents, terrorism & all types of violence or danger.

110 Police Department desk.

112“Imminent Danger” Police Hotline (may be dialed from any cell-phone, even if it’s locked or hasn’t got a SIM card).

119CERTEmergency Line for Reporting Cyber-Attacks.

1201“Eran” personal distress/mental health/suicide prevention support desk.

1202“Maslan” Women’s rape/sexual assault hotline(free help & full confidentiality guaranteed; founded 1988) or 08-6421313.

1203“Maslan” Men’s rape/sexual assault hotline(free help & full confidentiality guaranteed).

1204School Violence Hotline.

1220 – “Zaka” – terrorist-action aftermath response team.

Emergency medical services

The Corona virus (COVID-19) emergency phone line is *5400The  Israel Ministry of Health also has a mobile-phone app that may be downloaded – CoronApp – that provides certified data.

Soroka Medical Center 1The Soroka Medical Center Emergency Room is always open. Soroka switchboard 08-6400111. Each private HMO has its own ER, like Maccabi Health Services 1-700-50-53-53. There are also other private ERs, such as: “Assuta” (lit., health) Hospital, located in Migdal Shev – *6474; “Terem” (lit., before) at 1 Max Nordau St. – 1-599-520-520; “Briuta” (lit., health) located in  the Mivneh” commercial center – *9579 or 08-9585300. Some physicians make private housecalls, for example: “Bikurofe ba-Bayit” (lit., doctor’s housecall) – 1-700-705-101

.Central Blood Bank1-800-401-401

Medical switchboard for all Israeli HMOs#3177 or 03-5206666.

Pharmacies are generally open 9:00-23:00 all week and there’s always an emergency pharmacy open on Saturdays and on Jewish & Israeli national holidays – usually Superpharm”  on ha-Meshahrerim Way – 08-6476555.

In cases of a death call the “Hevrah Kadisha” (lit., burial society) that takes care of the bodies, transporting the deceased to the city morgue until bringing them to the cemetery when requested – 08-6204006 or 054-4348735.

For the ongoing care and maintenance of burial plots call “Ner la-Hayyim” (lit., a candle for life) – 054-3775669.

“Yad Sarah” (founded 1975) is a volunteer organization that rents/sells medical Yad Sarah - Jusidman Houseequipment (wheelchairs, walkers, bedguards, bedpans, etc.) at low cost on demand. It has two branches–one situated in the Jusidman House at 2 Sha’ul ha-Melekh St. and the other in the Soroka Medical Center complex, Medical Services Bldg. 08-9112000, 08-6450747, and at http://www.yadsarah.org.

Public health & safety issues

To lodge a citizen’s complaint about public health risks (e.g., unhealthy products or government-mall31conditions), turn to the Israel Ministry of Health, Office for Public Complaints, located in the Government Mall, main entrance, building A, Sun.-Thurs. 8:00-15:00, 08-6263511.

To lodge complaints regarding public or industrial safety (e.g., dangerous products or conditions), turn to the Institute for Safety and Hygiene, located in the Central Train-Station Tower 08-6276389. Be’er-Sheva needs more trained, professional safety inspectors; accredited courses are given on the Open University Campus at Bet Yatsiv in the Old City – 08-6273828.

To report potential child abuse, neglect or endangerment call either the Regional Center for Treatment and Prevention of Violence in the Family at 08-620566 or write to tsila@br7.org.il,  or to the Larry & Lillian Goldman Center for the Child and the Family at 08-6417301 or write to talic@br7.org.il.

General emergencies

For locksmiths 24/7 call: “Magen Darom” (lit., southern shield) at 08-6233037, 050-5372466, or 050-5513917; “Avi, the Locksmith” – 050-8569146; or “Vitaly, the Locksmith” – 054-7915055

Some nonkosher supermarkets are always open 7:00-24:00 (except on the Day of Atonement/Yom Kippur), e.g., “Tiv Ta’am” in “BIG” and “Super Kiyosk Sapir” in the Yud-Aleph neighborhood at the corner of Golda Meir & Rabbi Herzog streets.

In case urgent household repairs are required, “Ace”home and building supplies is open daily (except on the Day of Atonement/Yom Kippur), located in “BIG”08-6288144, http://www.ace.co.il.

For free legal aid, there are public defenders (licensed lawyers) available at 33 Shazar Law & justiceBoulevard, 08-6404500 during the week.