French Culture

French organizations and institutes

L’Institut francais de Beer-Sheva of the Centre culturel francais de Beer-Sheva is BGU logo2currently situated at Ben-Gurion University of the the Negev, Faculty of Humanities (Bldg. 72, Rm. 120), where French language and culture are taught by professors Deborah Dahan –  050-4321898 and Raya Koffman – 054-4724461.

The BGU Aranne Central Library grants adults free access to French literature and aranne-library-at-bgu2provides a comfortable place to sit, read and/or research –

Union of Immigrants (Olim) from France, North Africa and Francophone Countries – 02-6799334,

Ambassade de France en Israel http://www.ambafrance-il,org.

French VIPs/key figures

Major Thadee Diffre (a.k.a. Teddy Eitan, 1912-1971) was the Commander of thefrench-commando “French Commando” during the Israel War of Independence in 1948His memorial plaque is on a round stone marker on the hill south of the Negev Bridage Monument. He was a non-Jewish volunteer from France who came to fight with the Jewish People in the Negev Region; he fought in the ranks of the Palmah during the conquest of Be’er-Sheva and was probably the highest ranking non-Jew serving in the I.D.F. at that time.

Chaya and Michael Adam have been doing French/Hebrew translations for decades – 08-6276593. French author, poet and Holocaust survivor, Michael Adam (b.1939-) first published his michael-adamFrench book Les Enfants de Pitchipoi (The Children of Pitchipoi) in Paris, describing childhood in a WWII concentration camp (at age 4, he was imprisoned in the Drancy Concentration Camp in France). This book was later published in Hebrew (1988) in Israel. As an Israeli representative to the International French Writers’ Guild, he was awarded the 2010 gold medal for foreign writers in French by l’Ordre de la Francophone

In 1986, Ya’el (b.1965-) and Yehudah (1964-) Gabay opened a Parisian-style cafe & patisserie calledRosaline,” where rosaline-cafe-patisseriethey make excellent brewed coffees, delicious Sabrinas, freshly-baked cakes (dulce-de-leche [my personal favorite], cheesecake [also excellent], etc.), located at 69 ha-Histadrut St. in the Old City, in the passage across from the red Post Office. Personalized cakes may be ordered for special events – 08-6434245.

French sports

There are two Petanque (French bowls) clubs in the city: the Be’er-Shevapetanck2 “Shavit” Petanque – Ami Sasportas, 052-4709932 and Bet ha-Lohem” (lit., fighters’ home) – Danny Segev, 052-6932915.petanque





Author: etheleakatzenell

I came about 45 years ago from Philadelphia, PA (a city of American founding fathers) to Be'er-Sheva, Israel (the city of Abraham, the biblical Patriarch) and have never regretted that move. Be'er-Sheva is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. My four adult children and 5 grandchildren, all born here, still live and work happily in Be'er-Sheva. This is a place of endless opportunity and open horizons.

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