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Allow me to introduce you to Be’er-Sheva (also known as Beersheba in English), once Abraham the Patriarch stamoavot-0102the ancient city of Abraham, the biblical Patriarch, and still the hospitable oasis-capital of Israel’s Negev Desert, located in the middle of the State of Israel, at the crossroads between the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa.

Twenty-first century Be’er-Sheva (Beersheba) is a unique pluralistic, multilingual, international metropolis that serves the smaller cities and towns, kibbutz (collective) settlements and various Bedouin settlements surrounding it. It’s a modern high-tech hub and also a strong source of innovation and pioneering gav_yam logoresearch in many other areas, such as: medicine, genetics, agriculture & hydrology, and energy & environmental studies, to name just a few.

Residents and visitors, from Israel and the world over, enjoy open horizons, fresh air,  amazing sunshine and a starry night sky, as well as a broad range of attractions and interesting activities thatGateway to the Negev can satisfy old and young alike.

The third graders residing in Be’er-Sheva learn about the special sites in their city as part of the “PIL’EY” Project created by the Nature Protection Society; they are given guided tours around the city to learn about significant historic events, municipal institutions and the unique natural environment in which they live.

The “Gateway to the Negev” is situated in the restored Bloomfield House at 39 ha-Haganah St. in the Old City and serves as the “Or” (lit., light) Movement‘s Visitors’ & Information Center that welcomes and gives tours to potential immigrants to Israel – http://www.or1.org.il, 054-715-6667.

If you’d like to tour Be’er-Sheva independently, at your own pace and per your ownBEER7 guidebook cover particular interests, a brand new English guidebook is now available for only 40 NIS (plus mailing costs) that includes 16 self-guided tours of the city, each accompanied by a practical map, photos and a poem. Just call Ethelea at: 050-7498870.

If you’d like private, guided tours of the city, you may contact  “I love BASH” (founded in 2016) to promote local and social tourismNa’amah Sapir 052-775-1565; Boaz Barzilai 054-5949231; tours@ilovebr7.co.il.

My oasis in Be’er-Sheva by Ethelea Katzenell, c2007

To awaken to the lovely sound of birds in morning song,
To the touch of light, warm sun on my cheek.
To rise in tranquility and gladly face the day,Tranquil spot
The cool early breeze blowing the Past behind me.
My home, private garden, sanctuary, safe-haven, Eden.


If you’d like to read people’s personal recollections of their childhoods in small-town Be’er-Sheva (in its earliest years), you can also go to the nostalgic Hebrew Facebook discussion group called: “זכרונות ילדות באר שבע


 Jacob Richman has put up a nice website that also includes interesting stuff about Be’er-Sheva at: https://jr.co.il/hotsites/beer-sheva.htm.                

Since this website is an ongoing work in progress, I beg your forgiveness if there are any ‘bugs’ or errors in my pages and posts. You’re welcome to suggest corrections, updates or improvements on the relevant page(s) via Ethelea3@gmail.com.

Thank you. Ethelea 

Ethelea Katzenell

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