Soldiers–For You

All the Hebrew information and forms needed by I.D.F. draftees may be found online at:

Equipment and supplies for basic training/reserve duty may be found in a few stores, Retasuch as: “Tso’adim la-Hayyal vela-Metayel” (lit., marching for the soldier & trekker), located in the Egged Central Bus Station, store #24 – 08-6285872; “Reta” in “BIG” at 60 Hevron Way – 072-3258054 ; and “Ricochet” in “BIG” at 21 Hevron Way – 08-6285872.

To practice shooting, marksmanship & target practice in Be’er-Sheva one may go to the computerized, acoustic “Reta” Shooting Range at 60 Hevron Way – 072-3258054. 

Whenever enlisted soldiers encounter problems related to military service, for help, he/she should turn to Ketsin ha-Ir (lit., the City Major), located in the Old City at 49 Gershon (Dubenboim) St. – 08-9903139, 08-9903128.

The Advisory Unit for Decommissioned Soldiers is located at 10 Ben-Tsevi St. on the 10th floor of the Central Train Station Tower – 08-6204325/6.

A local support group for Israeli soldiers and veterans recovering from wounds or suffering from PTSD, Ahi’ad, is managed by the Israel Organization for Disabled Veterans (f.1949-) and is located at 9 Sderot Ben-Zion Carmel & reached at: 08-6251100.

The I.D.F. Southern Command has dedicated a special 24/7 phone line for civilian queries, complaints & suggestions regarding military matters – 08-9906565.

The local I.D.F. Homefront Command is located on the 4th floor of the Avisror Bldg. at 7 the-biggest-fishBen-Tsevi St. (across from the Central Bus Station) – 076-8600018, 08-9207341, and 104 in emergencies. During emergencies, civilian assistance is welcome.

Whenever a soldier needs somewhere to stay in Be’er-Sheva–he/she should go to “BetSoldier's House he-Hayyal” (the Soldiers’ Home) just above the Old City in the Tet neighborhood at 2 Bet Lehem St., where there are lodgings, hot kosher meals, sports, social activities and a swimming pool during the summer months – 072-2702159.

Member families in the “Eshel Avraham” Conservative Eshel Avraham SynagogueCongregation adopt solitary soldiers in need of a supportive ‘home’ environment for weekends, holidays & leaves – 08-6420989, 077-7117015.

If an enlisted soldier needs medical attention/treatment/sick leave–he/she should either go to Mahane Natan (lit., Camp Nathan), facing the Kiryat Yehudit IndustrialSoroka Medical Center 1 Park, located on Afikim ba-Negev St. or, in cases of serious injuries, to Ram 2″ situated within the Soroka Medical Center complex – 08-6400389 or 08-6400345.

Physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and the rehabilitation of wounded or disabled I.D.F. soldiers is done at “Beit Halochem” (the Veterans’ Home) founded in 2010 by the I.D.F. Disabled Veterans Organization, located at 9 beit_lohem_beer_shevaBents Carmel Ave., as well as providing social, cultural & sports events for the vets & their families – 08-6251100.

A Be’er-Sheva veterans’ club “Mo’adon ha-Shalom” (lit., the peaceIDF veterans logo club) meets a 80 Ye’elim Blvd. in Hey neighborhood – 08-6436579.

The Organization for the Commemoration of the Fallen Soldiers in Israel’s Wars & the Care of Their Families is situated in “Yad la-Banim” (the Soldiers’ Memorial Memorial for Fallen SoldiersHouse) near the Be’er-Sheva City HallThe Soldiers’ Memorial House honors the city’s military casualties and maintains a standing exhibit; annual memorial ceremonies are held on Israel Memorial Day for I.D.F. Casualties & the Victims of Terrorism.

Author: etheleakatzenell

I came about 45 years ago from Philadelphia, PA (a city of American founding fathers) to Be'er-Sheva, Israel (the city of Abraham, the biblical Patriarch) and have never regretted that move. Be'er-Sheva is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. My four adult children and 5 grandchildren, all born here, still live and work happily in Be'er-Sheva. This is a place of endless opportunity and open horizons.

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