Dance, Dancers and Dancing

Live dance performances

“Bet ha-Mahol” House of Dance, opened its doors at the beginning of Dec. 2021, located at 45 Gershon Dubenboim St. in the Old City.

Professional and international dance performances are regularly held in Be’er-Sheva performing-arts-hall-21at the Center for the Performing Arts (on Rager Blvd.), which offers an annual dance series, including a variety of dance troupes in different dance styles from Be’er-Sheva, Israel and abroad.

The Be’er-Sheva “MiKan”(lit., from here) Fringe Theater (founded 2010) is located in a cheerfulblue building in the Old City. The MiKan Fringe Theater holds an Annual Dance Week and Competition each Fall, judged by professional Fringe theaterchoreographers, dancers & theater VIPs. Location: Old City, Anilevich St. 08-6466657. See: and

In 2016, Beershevan choreographer & entrepreneur Liran Mikhaeli initiated, with the support of the City of Be’er-Sheva & the International Fringe Theater, the first “Fringe Dance Competition,” open to all original works by independent Israeli choreographers and dancers. In 2017, the winning dance “Orpheo, created by Idan Cohen won the 10,000 NIS Best Fringe Dance Prize; the dance “Eshte’olah” created by Sivan Peled won the 2,000 NIS “Kivunim” Unique Dance Prize; and the Outstanding Dancer Award went to Dana Zekharyah.

Adult dance troupes/companies

As of 2022, independent artists in all the Arts (visual and performing) are invited to join a new creative, multidisciplinary project called “Off the Record” based in the Youth Center in the Old City, run by Bouras-House of Independent Artists – contact: 054-982-7936,

Kamea Dance CompanyKamea (lit., talisman; founded 2002) Modern Dance Company is an internationally acclaimed  dance troupe born at the Bat Dor Be’er-Sheva Municipal Dance Center in the Gimel neighborhood at 13 ha-Shalom St.  “Kamea” performs original choreographies (mostly choreographed by award-winning Tamir Ginz) in the Be’er-Sheva Hall for the Performing Arts, as part of the annual dance series, across Israel, and around the world. Occasionally, they perform special dance shows for a young audience. Kameaperformed at the prestigious Almada International Dance Festival in August 2017, despite BDS threats. On October 23rd, 2017, “Kamea,” together with a guest choir “Kantorei Barmen-Gemark” with German opera soloists (from Be’er-Sheva‘s sister city Wuppertal, Germanyand a guest orchestra Bayer’s “L’Arte del Mondo” (from Leverkusen, Germany) premiered a new Ginz choreography entitled: “St. Matthew Passion 2727” to Johann Sebastian Bach‘s sacred oratorio. The music for their piece “Mnemosyne” (2018), choreographed by Tamir Ginz, was specially composed by Avi Belleli. Every year they perform previous and new choreographies in Israel and abroad. In October 2022, Kameaparticipated in a dance competition held in South Korea by the Korea Dance Association, judged by Tamir Ginz & 7 other international judges & attended by dance companies from 33 countries around the world (e.g., China & Brazil). 

Once a year, every year, “Kamea” holds a special, open-to-the-public one-day happening, consisting of dance classes with the troupe’s dancers and well-known Israeli modern-dance choreographers Tamir Ginz & Ohad Naharin (originator of ‘gaga‘), & hip-hop master Tal Landsman, as well as intimate studio performances. In 2017, the 17 dancers in “Kamea”were: Ofek Admoni, Adi Avitan, Sagi Baleli, Jonatan Bukschtein, Noa Dahan, Tom David, Marco De Alteriis, Noam Ephron, Lorris Eichinger, [Eldar Elgrably, b.1987-2020], Einav Kringel, Alma Lauer, Lou Landre, Rona Lerner, Roni Sheps, Peter Starr, and Elliot Thompson, 08-6231521, 

The BGU student modern dance company “Pola” (named after Paula Ben-Gurion; BGU logo2founded 2009). It has given modern dance performances of original choreographies (mostly choreographed by Dedi Alufer & Eyal Dadon): on the BGU Campus; in the Be’er-Sheva Hall for the Performing Arts; and at the “MiKan” Fringe Theater“Pola” was the only Israeli dance troupe invited to perform at the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe (though they did not attend for security reasons) –

“Sol” Dance Company (founded 2016), an alternative modern dance ensemble comprising 8 dancers, is located in the Old City at the House of Dance (an Ottoman-Turkish building at 45 Gershon St.). The dancers include: Roni Ben Shimon, Eyal Dadon, Nadav Gal, Madison Hoke, Yuko Imazaike, Sian Olles, Shay Partush, & Gil Shachar.  Choreographers: CEO Dedi Alufer (b.1973-) & Eyal Dadon (b.1989-). Sol Dance Co.“Sol” has given excellent performances in Israel and joint performances with the Beijing Dance Theater in China and Hong Kong. In 2022, they performed “TOML,” choreographed by Eyal Dadon, in DubaiTime Out Shanghai magazine dedicated an article to Sol, to choreographer Dedi Alufer & to the dance entitled Mekhirat hisul” (lit., sell-out sale), 050-4448437.

Holit” (founded 2005) – Israeli and Modern Dance Theater is located in the newly built Kohl Dance Studio at no. 1 Bet El St. in the Tet neighborhood – 054-2202088. Holit” performances combine many styles of dance to create prize-winning dance-theater choreographies, that are performed across Israel and abroad. In 2022, Holit” created an adult/senior performing dance troupe to represent Be’er-Sheva

Childrens’ performing dance groups

“Dorot” Modern Dance Company (founded 1995) at the Makif Gimel High-School and the NOA Dance Ensemble at the Makif Aleph High-School were both established by Be’er-Sheva-born dancer-choreographer Dedi Alufer (b.1973-), who also produced a number of musicals from 1999 and is currently the CEO of the “Sol” Dance Company (founded 2016). The Dance Center at Makif Gimel is currently directed by local classical ballet dancer & choreographer Yishai Kersanti (b.1986-).

Holit Dance Troupe 2018Holit” (lit., sand dune; founded 2005) – Israeli and Modern Dance Theater, consisting of hundreds of young dancers from Be’er-Sheva‘s high-schools. The newly built Kohl Dance Studio is Holit”s new home, located at no. 1 Bet El St. in the Tet neighborhood – 054-2202088. Holit” performances combine many styles of dance to create prize-winning dance-theater choreographies (mostly by the company choreographer, Mr. Liran Michaely) that are performed across Israel and abroad. 

“Shalvah” – Georgian Folk-Dance Troupe (founded 1973) was named after the late Shalva Georgian Dance Troupefounder, Shalvah Ephremashvili. The dancers are mainly family members plus other Georgian dancers. Director, choreographer: David Ephremashvili – 052-2709699, 08-6414051.

“Ayalot ha-Negev” (lit., Negev gazelles; founded 1980) Israeli Representative Folk-Dance Ensemble, consists of  hundreds of young dancers from the 1st-12th grades (divided by age into four performing troupes) and has represented Be’er-Sheva and the State of Israel on Israeli television and at festivals and in folk-dance competitions (like Folkmoot) in over 78 countries the world-over, often winning prizes. In 2016, they represented Israel in an internationalGrand Pris” children’s dance competition in Bulgaria, where they won both prizes and accolades. Choreographies by Moti Alkis and others – 050-5516015, 08-6433866.

In addition, “Kivunim”  the municipal company for recreation culture in Be’er-Sheva, has performing dance troupes for children & young people in various local community centers, such as: “Top Dance” (founded ca.2009), a municipal contemporary dance troupe – 052-3676438; “Pargod” (lit., stage curtain; founded 1980), a representative Be’er-Sheva urban dance troupe – 050-4448437,; “Horah Alumot” (lit., sheaves’ horah; founded 2017) and “Horah ha-Yovel” (lit., the jubilee horah; founded 2017), both mixed Israeli folk-dance and movement troupes – 08-6433388.

Some key figures in promoting dance in/from Be’er-Sheva

The ‘father’ of Israeli folk-dancing in Be’er-Sheva and among the founders of the Yossi Abuhav 2010Association of Israeli Folk-Dance Instructors & Choreographers was Yossi Abuhav (1937-2019), who was the first Israeli folk-dancing instructor in the city and every Wednesday evening an ever-growing crowd gathered to learn and dance in circles, couples, and lines (debkas) with the warmhearted, charismatic instructor. 

***The very evening of the Wednesday I had arrived as a new immigrant at the (now defunct) Altshuler Absorption Center in the Old City of Be’er-Sheva in August 1972, I had followed the music, found the folk-dancing, and joined Yossi‘s inner circle of dancers. I’d been doing Israeli folk-dancing since the age of 5 and was a U.S.-certified Fred Berk Israeli folk-dance instructor. To the surprise of all those present, I knew all the dances they were doing. Yossi had spotted me dancing in  the outermost circle and had immediately put my knowhow to good use–using me as a dance-partner when teaching the couples dances and to replace him, on occasion, when he was ill or abroad. Once the other well-known Israeli instructors/choreographers heard that I wasEthelea Katzenell portrait translating dances for Yossi to teach abroad, I was tasked with translating their new dances into English as well, so they might teach them at the Jewish summer camps, etc.; I was glad to be of service.

In 1974Yossi and I [in those days, my name was Leah Pinhas] were the only two Be’er-Sheva representatives to the Founding Conference that established the above Israeli Instructors’ Association. In 1975Yossi initiated a local Israeli-Dance Instructors’ Certification Coursewhich I also completed for Israeli certification on the last day of my first 42-week long pregnancy–while having a contraction every 15-20My beautiful picture minutes throughout the practical dance test. In fact, when the late Bens Carmel issued me my Israeli instructor’s certificate at the end, he said he should have prepared another mini-certificate for my ‘inner dancer’…

Some of those who continue to carry the torch of Israeli folk-dancing, following Ori Yinon & Haim Vaknin1in Yossi Abuhav‘s graceful and ethusiastic footsteps in Be’er-Sheva, are: Ori Yinon (b.1956-), Haim Vaknin, Gary Rom, Yom-Tov Ohayon, Moshe Kugman, David Ben-David, Rafi Ziv, Kobi Azulai, and many others, with much appreciated, expert choreographic help from frequent visitor Shlomo Maman. With every passing year, the number of accredited Shlomo Maman2instructors and recognized choreographers has grown and there are new generations of dancers dancing all across the Israeli folk-dancing1city throughout the year–in Be’er-Sheva, on any given week-night–there’s a group dancing somewhere in the city. This brings me great joy!   

In fact, Yossi Abuhav‘s Be’er-Sheva-born son, Or Abuhav (b.1966-) began dancing folk-dancing in high-school and then studied classical dance at Bat Dor. After his I.D.F. service, he was immediately welcomed into the Bat Sheva” National (Representative) Modern Dance Troupe. Then, he danced in Europe with the Swiss Ballet Company and then Barcelona‘s “Metros” Company; finally returning to Israel to dance in the Kibbutz Ballet Company. At age 30, he retired as a performing dOr Abuhav at Bat Dorancer and went to study dance instruction at the Laban Center in London. Afterwards, Or returned to Be’er-Sheva to serve as ‘rehearsal master’ at Bat Dor (2008-2015) and between 2005-2014, he choreographed 5 dances for “Kamea” special children’s matinees. Since 2015, Or has been the Director of the Bat Dor Be’er-Sheva Municipal Dance Center, that was founded in 1982.

Adar Meron - flamencoAdar Meron (b.1980-, in Be’er-Sheva) studied flamenco culture in Spain and brought it back to Be’er-Sheva and Israel. In 2012, she first brought 4 flamenco dancers from Spain to perform in Israel. Now, as a trained falmenco dancer, teacher & choreographer, she has her own flamenco dance school in Be’er-Sheva, manages a flamenco dance troupe and mucial ensemble, and produces flamenco cultural performances. 

Dan Odiz (b.1987-) who founded and runs the “Dan Odiz College,” Studio for Dance Studies with his wife Laura Odiz, that specializes in hip-hop, breakdance & street dance. It is located in the “BIG” commercial center – 050-2223003; 054-5850318,

Be’er-Sheva-born dancer and teacher, Adi Cohen (b.1987-), specializes in the Spanish flamenco style. 

Eyal DadonEyal Dadon (b.1989- in Be’er-Sheva) is a graduate of Bat Dor and is a modern dancer/choreographer who has created choreographies for the BGU student dance troupe “Pola” and who dances in and choreographs works for the “MiKan” Fringe Theater’s dance troupe “Sol.”  He has danced in “Kamea” and in the “Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company.” In 2013, his dance solo “Intro” won the first prize in Eurograde, Bulgaria and in 2015, his work Pishpesh” took first prize at the “International Choreography Dance Competition” held in Hannover, Germany. Dadon has also produced choreographies, such as the dance “Same, same” for the prestigious Stanislavski Ballet of Moscow that won the 2017 “Russian Creation of the Year” Prize. Dadon‘s works have been and are also currently being performed in China, Germany, Hungary, Russia and elsewhere across the globe –

Inbal Erez, a choreographer from Be’er-Sheva working in Los Angeles, CA, is also serving as a spokesperson for Israel and is outspoken against antisemitism.

Yael Gohorovski (b.1989-) is a dancer/choreographer who introduced pole-dancing to Be’er-Sheva in ca.2014 and founded the “Tet-a-Tet” Dance Studio in 2019 at 34 Rager Blvd., where she currently teaches dance and especially pole-dancing to over 30 people. [Pole-dancing may become an Olympic sport by the next Olympic Games in Paris 2024]. 050-7791774  

Be’ershevan, Benny Avraham (b.1990-) is a hip-hop and street-dance choreographer, who has a private dance studio with almost 300 students. He is  a backup dancer for Static & Ben-El, and as of 2021, he is also their chief choreographer. 

Shai Grinberg (b.1996-), a professional dancer from Be’er-Sheva, founded the “Latados Dance Academy” for ballroom dancing. He also offers special therapeutic classes for sufferers of Parkinson’s disease.                        

Dance classes

In 2021, a group of dance teachers, led by Beershevan dancer, Eyal Ganon from BatDor, founded “Mid-Bar”–that regularly offers the general public a chance to learn a bit about different modern dance styles by participating in various dance lessons, given by choreographers and professional dancers. “Mid-Bar” also offers senior citizens access to a number of professional dance classes.

The “Bat Dor” Be’er-Sheva Municipal Dance Center (founded 1982), located in the Gimel neighborhood (13 ha-Shalom St.), has a professional staff that teaches bat-dor-dance-studio1classical ballet, modern and contemporary dance mostly to children and young people – 08-6231521. There is also a class for adult & retired dancers taught by former “Kamea” dancers (such as ‘rehearsal master’ Eyal Ganon (in which I was honored to participate in 2017-2018). As of 2017, Bat Dor” has taught over 11,000 dance students, has produced a world-renowned Be’ershevan dance company “Kamea” and world-class dancers, such as: Or Abuhav Swiss Ballet; Sivan Barkai – Ballet de Monte Carlo; Natanel Bellaish – Broadway New York, winner of Natanel Balaish in actionIsrael’s “Born to Dance 3;” Eyal Dadon, Dani Eshel, Oz Mulai, Anat Oz Kibbutz Dance Co.; Aviad Herman – Gothenberg Opera Ballet; Lior Horev & Gili Neria Israel Ballet; Shimon KalichmanRoyal Ballet; Yishai Kersanti Israel Opera Project;  Lior LevStuttgart Ballet; Amir LevyNew York Metropolitan Opera Ballet; Rafi SaadiBallet Cullberg Sweden; Leah YanaiGothenberg Opera Balletand dancer-choreographers like: Or Abuhav, Eyal Dadon, Rafi Saadi, [Eldar Elgrably, b.1987-2020] and others. In 2018, “Bat Dor” ballerina, Lior Sheiner won 1st place in the Vancliffen “Attilas Akilas Silvester” International Ballet Competition held in Pietra Ligure, Italy.

“Kivunim” the municipal company for recreation culture in Be’er-Sheva offers anSalsa dancing for everyone assortment of dance classes in all the community centers (mostly for children and young people, but some also for adults): ballroom dancing, belly dancing, Indian classical dance, Israeli folk-dancing, Ballroom dancingsalsa and zumba classes, ballet, modern & jazz classes, Folkdancing for all 2breakdance, hip-hop, etc. – 08-6290060, Israeli folk-dancing classes & sessions for adults, given by nationally accredited instructors, are also held at night in various high-school sports halls.

There are also a number of private fitness & dance studios, usually located in the Be’er-Sheva malls, that also offer an assortment of dance classes, for example: “Shape” Art & Exercise classesWellness Studio in the Aviha Mall –; “Kesem ha-Guf” (lit., the magic of the body), Center for Dance & Movement, that provided contemporary dancers for several TV shows and national and international events, located in Ne’ot Lon neighborhood – 08-6102998; “Top Dance” at 54 Histadrut St., 052-3676438, and more.

“Dan Odiz College,” Studio for Dance Studies, run by Dan (b.1987-) & Laura Odiz, that specializes in hip-hop, breakdance & street dance. Many students from this studio are currently performing on local television and in videoclips seen around the globe. During the 2021-2022 season, dancers from the Dan Odiz Studio are giving 2 public performances with the Be’er-Sheva Sinfonietta. The studio is located in the “BIG” commercial center – 050-2223003; 054-5850318,

“Studio Pulna” for pole dancing and fitness (founded 2020- by Noy Alon) is located at 7 Yehoshu’a ha-Tsoref St. in the small industrial park in Gimel Neighborhood. Call: 050-7199652. Many women students at BGU attend classes regularly at this studio, such as No’a Gil’ad (b.1993-) and ‘Adi Langer-Slotky (b.1993-). Women ranging from ages 16-50 are active members of this trendy studio.

Places for social dancing

The “Forum” Discotheque (opened 1988), located in structure no. 232 in the Kiryat Yehudit Commercial Area, is ranked as one of the 3 best discos in Israel. It’s open fromforum-discotheque 22.30 on Thursdays to 5:00 A.M. on Fridays and from Friday nights at 23:00 to 6:00 A.M. on Saturdays. It has 4 different halls: the main hall, the “Factor” dance bar, a gallery area, and the “Summer Factor,” each with different music and styles. There are special night shuttles to-and-from the Forum to prevent drunk or exhausted young drivers from taking the wheel – 08-6262555,

“Back Yard Dance Bar,” exclusive members-only dance-bar & nightclub for the over-35s and ‘old fogies’, open Friday nights from 22:00 to dawn, with a live DJ. The entrance fee includes Moment Nightcluba drink and an open buffet. The dance music is nostalgic and covers a wide selection of styles, ranging from oldies-but-goodies and classic ballroom to Latin & Middle Eastern music. Located in the Rassco Center at 6 ha-Tikvah St. – 054-2643060.

The “Terminal” Russian Dance Bar with a former Soviet D.J. and a constant flow of alcoholic beverages (not suited to those who are sensitive to high decibels and cigarette smoke), located at 61 Herzl St. in the Old City. Open every Thursday-Saturday from 23:30-5:00 A.M. – 054-468-9644.

Dancewear and gear

Isradance (founded 1978) is located inside Aluf ha-Sport in “BIG” – 08-6231488 or 08-6287487.

Author: etheleakatzenell

I came about 45 years ago from Philadelphia, PA (a city of American founding fathers) to Be'er-Sheva, Israel (the city of Abraham, the biblical Patriarch) and have never regretted that move. Be'er-Sheva is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. My four adult children and 5 grandchildren, all born here, still live and work happily in Be'er-Sheva. This is a place of endless opportunity and open horizons.

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