Friends from Abroad

Be’er-Sheva has 14 ‘twin (or sister) cities’ and a ‘twin (or sister) province’:

Adana, Turkey (since 2001)                              flag-of-turkey

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (since 2004)                flag-of-EthiopiaAddis Ababa has a traffic circle dedicated in its honor, in Yud-Aleph.

Bouake, Ivory Coast (since )                            flag-of-cote-d-ivoire

Cebu City, Philippines (since )                        flag-of-philippines                 

Cluj-Napoca, Romania (since 1995)               flag-of-romania A cultural-exchange program for youth.

La Plata, Argentina (since )                             flag-of-argentina

Lyon, France (since 1977)                                 flag-of-france  Lyon has a traffic circle dedicated in its honor in Ramot, in light of the commercial relations and French investors in small- and medium-sized businesses in Be’er-Sheva. In 2016, an agreement was signed for broad technological, economic & cultural cooperation.

Munich, Germany (since 2021)                       flag-of-germany (1) For joint innovation.

Nis, Serbia (since 1998)                                     flag-of-serbia

Oni, Georgian Republic (since 2000)             flag-of-georgia

Parramatta, NSW, Australia (since 2008)    flag-of-australia Financed, together with the Pratt Foundation, the building of the Australian Soldier Park (created by architect Nehemiah Ari) in Yud-Aleph, where the Be’er-Sheva Day ceremonies are held every year on October 31st.

Rodenheim PR, Germany (since 1983)         flag-of-germany (1) An ongoing youth exchange program.

Seattle, Washington (since 1999)                   flag-of-united-states-of-america

Winnipeg, MB, Canada (since 1983)              flag-of-canada

Wuppertal, Germany (since 1977)                 flag-of-germany

International relations with Jewish organizations abroad:

World KKL-JNF is currently a major supporter of the Be’er-Sheva River Park Project and has supported afforestation and the “greening” of the Negev Region since before the birth of the State of Israel.  

The United Israel Appeal (UIA, Keren Hayesod) of Argentina has supported community development in the Gimel neighborhood since the 1970s.

From 2005-2007, Swedish UIA sponsored two centers for the elderly in the Daled and Tet neighborhoods, a day-care center for the disabled in Ramot, and a day-care center for the frail elderly “Orpaz” in Hey. Then in 2009-2010, the UIA and Par Stenberg supported the regional “Alumot” Elementary School for the Sciences, Society and the Arts (founded 1992), located in Yehudah ha-Nasi Square in the Daled neighborhood – 08-6419045. 

Youth Culture CenterThe UIA of Switzerland has supported youth activities and the establishment of the Youth Center in the Old City since 2007.

The “Nes” (lit., miracle) Foundation in New Jersey has been offering monetary support to new small start-up businesses in Be’er-Sheva since 2007.Start-up

International relations with Jewish communities abroad:

Cleveland, Illinois (since the 1990s) supports the Ethiopian community.

Montreal, Ontario, Canada (since 1997) has been instrumental in “Partnership 2000.” For example, the “Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds” with the Montreal Friends fo Be’er-Blood-mobile from CanadaSheva sponsored elementary-school volleyball tournaments at “Deganyah” and “Re’ut.” In addition, the Canadian Friends of “Magen David Adom” funded a blood-mobile for gathering blood donations in the field. In 2019, Montreal also presented the city with a specially-equipped high-tech, medical and security emergency vehicle.                                                                                         

In 2011, the American Friends of “Magen David Adom” (AMFIDA) in New Yorkambulance funded renovations and new equipment for the Be’er-Sheva “MaDa” Headquarters in the Aleph neighborhood –

International relations with foreign countries:

In 1965-1967 and 1983-1987, the Israel Ministry of Education instigated the “Journey to Life” taking young students to Poland to teach them about the Holocaust on site and via March of the living to Polanda more personal experience. These Jewish heritage tours were resumed after 1988 and renamed “March of the Living;” they also teach about European Jewish culture.

The “Columbia Program” at the BGU Faculty of Health Sciences has been bringing Columbia School of Physicians & Surgeons.pngmedical students from the Columbia University School of Medicine in Manhattan, NY to Be’er-Sheva to teach them socialized, community medicine since 1996.

In 2006, the pupils in the Alumot” Elementary School for the Sciences, Society and the Arts in Be’er-Sheva held a joint exhibit of their אלומות1(1)drawings with children from the State of Oregon, under the auspices of the Kaye Regional Teachers’ College. In 2007, a similar exhibit was held together with children from Spartia, Greece.

Danah Rassas was the first of several Jordanian Masters’ students to graduate from the BGU Albert Katz International School of Desert Studies at Sedeh Boker since 2007.

A high-tech cooperative agreement was signed between Be’er-Sheva and Suzhou, China in 2007.

In 2017, a cooperative agreement was made between the Be’er-Sheva Office of Commerce and Industry and the Bucharest Office of Commerce and Industry in Romania.

The European Union Course given at BGU was chosen (from among 409 such courses given the world-over) for its high academic level to be the “Jean Monnet European BGU logo2Module” accredited by the European Commission on Education in Brussels, Belgium.

In 2018, Be’er-Sheva initiated a cultural-exchange program with South Korea. They will send 90 dancers, musicians & martial-artists to present a Korean show entitled “Ariring,” dedicated to at-risk children and youths, in honor of the State of Israel‘s 70th birthday. Traditional Korean dances, musical instruments, customs & costumes will be featured. They will also sing a medley of Israeli/Hebrew songs. 

In March 2022, a Beershevan delegation from the Ya’adim Company  for promoting tourism in Be’er-Sheva and the Negev attended the 28th International Mediterranean Tourist Market, held in the Expo Center in Tel Aviv.

Since the signing of the “Abraham Accords” and the normalization of relations with  Morocco,20 Moroccan academicians, scientists and researchers,  participating in the “Muhammad the Sixth Program,came to the Ben-Gurion University  of the Negev in April 2022, as part of this advantageous cooperation.  Also SCE signed an academic cooperation agreement with the Euromed University of Fez (UEMF) in Morocco.